Give your buyers an experience

they'll tell their friends about.

Virtuo’s cutting-edge Home Concierge CX Platform provides your homebuyers with maximum value, leading to increased customer satisfaction and referrals, and lowered customer acquisition costs.

Overall buyer satisfaction drops significantly from purchase to post move-in, according to the Avid Ratings® 2024 State of CX in Residential New Construction Report.


Of homebuyers would recommend their builder during the sales stage.


of homebuyers would recommend their builder post move-in.

Homebuyers with Virtuo?

95% would recommend their builder post move-in!

The all-in-one home concierge platform that elevates your CX, and so much more!

The all-in-one home concierge platform that elevates your CX, and so much more!

How it Works


Our team manages a quick process to connect your system with ours. We work with just about any backend cloud, CRM or automation stack.

Alert us when
you make a sale

Once you make a sale, we get a message and get to work. You only pay us when you make a sale. No subscriptions, no minimums.

Enjoy the benefits of amazing
homebuyer experiences

Our team takes it from there. We engage directly with the homebuyer in a co-branded way. We do the work, you get the credit.

Driving success for the home industry

We work with home builders, realtors, financial institutions, insurance providers to create great experiences for their customers. They tell our story better than we ever could.

Case Studies

Brookfield Residential differentiates from the crowd

Brookfield helps make their homes and communities uniquely appealing by adding in Virtuo’s modern concierge service.

“Using Virtuo has allowed us to showcase our commitment to the homebuyer, and show—from the first moment—that buying from Brookfield Residential means you are part of a community committed to creating ease of homeownership.”

Charlene Barrett
Director, Customer & Business Development
at Brookfield Residential

Outperforming Industry Average Avid Score

Mattamy was looking for a way to make the move experience much better, so they turned to Virtuo to provide a turnkey concierge service.

“The team at Virtuo is passionate about the customer experience and are really dialed into the closing process.”

Christine Turner
Vice President of Customer Engagement
for Mattamy

Excel Homes “Simplifies the Journey Home” with Virtuo

Excel wants to “simplify the journey home” and saw Virtuo’s service as a natural extension. Virtuo provides a complete solution for Excel.

“Virtuo thought of everything, start to finish in the process.”

Kristina Plank
Marketing Manager

at Excel

Sterling increases efficiency and experience

Sterling Home’s busy sales team can put focus back on sales, knowing their customers will be well taken care of by Virtuo’s team.

“They have assisted our team, as well as our customers, in simplifying their big move-in day.”

Pamela Burns
Director of Sales and Marketing
at Sterling Homes

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Why Virtuo?

Here are some of the benefits of partnering with us.

Real people helping
real people

Our highly-trained concierge team are experts in everything home, and how to provide the absolute best customer experience possible.

An intuitive
app experience

Android and iOS app for buyers, presented with your brand that keeps buyers up to date with all the details of their move.

The home buyer's
all-in-one tool

The Virtuo app integrates other systems, so your buyer can sign up for utilities, grant approval and review details, all within the app.

Quick and easy communications

Need to give buyers a message? No problem. Use your builder portal to immediately message buyers to keep them informed.

Effortless referrals and feedback opportunities

Nothing is more valuable than your buyers telling friends how happy they are. That’s why we integrated prompts to post referrals directly into the experience.

Valuable insight from data and analytics

Builders who use Virtuo can log into their personalized portal to uncover new data and insights about who’s buying and who’s moving in.

Real estate leaders with a competitive edge

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