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Mattamy Homes: Outperforming Industry Average Avid Score

Mattamy Homes knows how excited people are to move into their new home. But they also realize that actually moving…that causes a lot of stress on the home buyer. Mattamy was looking for a way to make the move experience way better.

So they turned to Virtuo. Mattamy was able to provide our turn-key move-in concierge service to buyers 45 days before possession. They promised home buyers that help—with everything—would be just a call, text or chat away. Virtuo helped keep buyers on top of their checklist and feeling stress free.

“Virtuo adds a complimentary layer on top of what we already do with our customer experience at Mattamy,” said Christine Turner, Vice President of Customer Engagement for Mattamy’s Alberta Division. “The team at Virtuo is passionate about the customer experience and are really dialed into the closing process. Their goal is to alleviate any frustration and anxiety that our homeowners may have when it comes to moving so that the entire experience is a positive one. Virtuo vets all their vendors thoroughly and has a list of preferred providers so that it’s the best experience, every time.”


Since the pilot launched in January 2022, 470 Mattamy homeowners have utilized Virtuo’s services, resulting in a 97.7% usage rate and a promoter score of 93%. The division currently has an 89.3 30-day move-in Avid score, surpassing the industry average of 80.6 by 11%.

Excel Homes uses Virtuo to help “Simplify the Journey Home”

Excel Homes, which recently celebrated their 35th anniversary, wants to “Simplify the Journey Home” for buyers. Far more than a tagline, Excel has adopted this as a core idea and an ethos. For everything they do, they ask themselves: will this make getting into a home easier?

That’s a lot of what attracted them to Virtuo. Our move-in service literally does this: makes getting into a new Excel home easier by removing all the headache and stress of moving. In particular, the completeness of the service appealed to Excel. “Virtuo thought of everything, start to finish in the process” said Kristina Plank, Marketing Manager at Excel.

Excel also makes sure that buyers learn about Virtuo’s service during the sales process through blog posts and marketing collateral. The added benefit of knowing they will be supported through the move and beyond can be that one extra thing that really appeals to a buyer.


Excel’s ethos runs through everything they do, and have found Virtuo to be a perfect compliment to their homes and communities. The result is measured in happy buyers and positive reviews. Excel sees Virtuo as a consistent way to help them always deliver on their mission to “Simplify the Journey Home”.

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