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Virtuo Home Concierge included when you buy your home with Hopewell Residential.

Virtuo eases your homeownership journey from move-in to settle-in. Acting as both your trusted advisor and helpful friend, Virtuo handles everything you don’t have time for, aren’t aware of, and (honestly) don’t want to do.

What Virtuo Offers

Virtuo transforms your moving to-do list into your new home ta-da list!

Some of the ways Virtuo helps:

How it Works

Make yourself at home, your Concierge will handle the rest.

Our North America-based professional concierge team is always just one click, text or call away from helping you get anything—anything—taken care of in your home

Communicate in-app with your Virtuo Concierge, upload and store all your paperwork from user manuals to plumbing invoices to signed documents.

From moving in to settling in to putting down your roots, your Home Concierge can help find a trusted pro to get the job done right.

Get real-time updates and engage with your builder and others in the community.

Everything you helped with–the mail keys, the utilities, insurance, was massively helpful and took off so much stress during a time when a lot was going on!

Carly H.

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