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As a valued partner, we’re committed to supporting your team’s growth.

We’ve put together this guide and associated resources to make your marketing and communications on-brand and more impactful.

Download the full Partner Asset Kit, or browse individual assets below.

How to use this guide

We've developed this guide to help your team get the most out of the Virtuo Home Concierge. We've put together an easy 3-step process to get your team going.

Distribute the sales sheet to your team. We've found it is best used within your sales centres and inside your information packs.

Include the Powered by Virtuo tag on your marketing collateral! You might want to mention the Virtuo Home Concierge as part of a larger piece of collateral or campaign. We've created the Powered by Virtuo tag for anytime Virtuo is one message within a broader piece of sales collateral.

Let your clients know about it! We've written some pre-approved copy to let your clients know about the Home Concierge experience they will be receiving after the sale goes firm - and you can use it in an email, blog post, possession letter, homeowner welcome kit, and other printed collateral.

Our Logos

The Virtuo logo was developed with simplicity in mind. The integration of the check represents our commitment to getting things done. We’ve also developed a “Powered by Virtuo’ tag to attach to materials when the Virtuo Home Concierge is just one part of the overall collateral.

Download logo files


The colours of our brand convey different aspects. Blue for technology, peach for warmth, yellow for a hint of excitement.

Blue #3B8FFF | C78 M30 Y0 K0
Peach #FFAD7E | C0 M26 Y36 K0
Yellow #EAF500 | C5 M0 Y100 K0
Grey #F2F2F2 | C0 M0 Y0 K5
Black #000000

Partner Lockup

If a lockup is needed to introduce a partnership, follow the ratio guidelines illustrated here. There should be a visual symmetry between the two logos, and spacing between the logos should be the height of the ‘V’.

Powered by Virtuo

Use the ‘Powered by Virtuo’ tag on marketing materials that are predominantly yours, but require a Virtuo logo as an add-on service.


The tag can be locked in either the bottom right or left side of the marketing materials.

Things to avoid

Here are a few guidelines to maintain the integrity of the Virtuo brand when using the assets.

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Sales Sheet

Our one-page sales sheet is available to include in your marketing packages. We’ve also included a space in the bottom left to add your logo to the design if desired. Download as PDF

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Welcome Letter Copy

Excited to get your clients started? We’ve written copy for you to use, for a seamless Home Concierge experience.
Download letter copy