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    Calgary’s Best Elementary School

    August 25, 2016

School rankings are, for many, a deciding factor when buying a new house. If you want your kiddos to grow up smart, make a smart move and buy within the catchment area of a top school! And here are Calgary’s best elementary schools to consider.


1. Clear
Water Academy

Status: Private

Community: Currie Barracks, SW Calgary

School district: Clear Water Academy Foundation

Ranking: 9.9 / 10

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Calgary’s best elementary school is a
private establishment. Clear Water is the second best school in Alberta
(Edmonton’s Mount Pleasant ranks first) and is one of only a few private
Catholic schools in the province. The school runs from pre-kindergarten to
grade 12. And interestingly, grades 4 to 9 are gender separated.



2. Masters Academy

Status: Public

Community: Garrison Woods, SW Calgary

School district: Palliser
Regional Division No. 26

Ranking: 9.7 / 10

Just the other side of Crowchild is Masters Academy &
College. It’s categorized as an Alternative Public School. At Masters,
this means they’re partnering with neuroscientists to transform what they call
an “obsolete system.” (This resonates with us at Virtuo—it’s what we’re doing
with the real estate industry.)

The result is a curriculum in which kids manage their own time,
and the percentage of students scoring “excellence” on provincial tests is 300%
above average!


3. Webber Academy

Status: Private

Community: Aspen Woods, SW Calgary

School district: Webber Academy Foundation

Ranking: 9.5 / 10

Webber Academy has been in the news
for refusing to let Muslim students pray. Despite a ruling
against them, the school remains staunchly secular. But there’s no denying its
academic chops. So if school sans religion is your cuppa tea, the 47
acre campus out in Calgary’s far-west might be the place for you.

4. Rundle College Elementary School

Status: Private

Community: St. Andrews Heights, NW Calgary

School district: Rundle College Society

Ranking: 9.5 / 10

Like the others above, Rundle College is a K-12 school. It’s
split into Primary (preschool to grade 3), Elementary (grades 4 to 6), Jr. Sn.
High (grades 7 to 12) and Rundle Academy—for students with learning
disabilities (grades 4 to 12). Each division has its own campus, so no matter
where you are, there’s a small school feel.

5. St. Luke Bilingual Elementary School

Status: Separate

Location: Brentwood, NW Calgary

School district: Calgary Catholic School District

Ranking: 9.5 / 10

The fifth best elementary school in Calgary is a Catholic French
immersion school. But to get a good education here, your child doesn’t need to
know French before starting; they take non-francophone kids in Kindergarten and
grade 1. It’s also the only school on our list that’s K-6 only. (It does,
however, partner with the junior high Madeleine d’Houet School.)


These rankings are based on those of the Fraser
. They’re an independent organization that produces research on
government actions affecting the lives of Canadians.

Check out the full Fraser Institute school rankings here. They have a handy tool to search by postal code
and school district, which is particularly helpful when you’re planning on
buying a new house.

Lastly, be sure to check each school’s website for confirmation
of their current catchment area. These can change over time, so you need the
most up-to-date info when house-hunting.