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There are some questions we hear over and again. One of those is “should I tip my movers?” And the next question inevitably follows: How much should I tip a moving company?” As Canadians, we want to do the right thing. But what is that? What’s the norm in Calgary? Here are some guidelines to keep etiquette anxiety at bay! Read More

GlobalFest’s opening night fireworks have been postponed because of an “ominous weather forecast.” Read More

Most people don’t have much experience choosing a Real Estate Agent. You only do it a handful of times in your life. There’s no course to take—as if you had the time—and you don’t really know what you’re looking for. That’s why so many people make mistakes when choosing a Real Estate Agent. Read More

Retirement homes appeal for many reasons. Perhaps you want someone to handle the housework while you’re off power-walking along the Bow. Or maybe you need daily assistance or palliative care. Choosing the right option for you —for now and the future—is a big decision. But no matter where you want to be in the city, we have a wealth of options. We’ve picked out Calgary’s best retirement homes for you, in each quadrant and downtown. Read More

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Allison Parder is our lucky winner of 2x 4 Day Tickets to Next Year’s Calgary Folk Music Festival.  Thanks to everyone who entered their names in our draw, and stopped by for some Virtuo swag!

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AGLC eliminates restrictions on patio liquor hours. Patio liquor service will now match licensed premise hours. As of today, Alberta restaurants will be able to serve alcohol on their patios as late as they’re allowed to serve it indoors. Read More

It’s summer in Calgary! So hundreds of locals are ditching the city for the likes of Invermere and Lake Koocanusa. But you know what’s better than three hours in a stuffy car with too many kids and not enough iPads? Calgary. And Calgary’s best community lakes! 

Long summer days soaking up the sun, building sandcastles,
swimming, jumping off the dock…. Then a short stroll home to your own BBQ, bed
and Netflix line-up. Many people moving house choose their new community for
this lifestyle.

And that’s what it takes. Because, with the exception of Sikome
Lake, these swimming holes are only open to local residents. But if you’re
interested in what life in a lake community looks like, we’ve included
directions for you to take a sneak peak!

Lake Bonavista

Developed in 1967, Bonavista was the first community in Canada
to be built around a man-made lake. It became the model for other lake
communities around our city.

Because it’s older it’s packed with big ol’ trees and well-grown-in
park grounds. You can find a great beer right at Brewsters,
right by the lakefront, and top nosh at The Lake House.
You can even catch an open-air movie there sometimes!


From McLeod Trail head eastbound on Canyon Meadows Drive. Take the
second left onto Bonaventure Drive. After 1.3km turn right onto Lake
Bonaventure Drive. Follow this for about 1km until you reach the lake.

Arbour Lake

This is the only lake community in northwest Calgary. But what
the NW lacks in quantity, it makes up for with impressive quality. Last year the Arbour Lake community was ranked Calgary’s 4th best neighbourhood, in large part for its
lake. It has a real resort vibe.

And if you’re hungry after a day on the water, the nearby
Crowfoot Crossing is busting with restaurants to choose from.


From Stoney Trail NW take Crowchild Trail southbound. Exit left
onto Nose Hill Drive. Pass Crowfoot Crossing and turn left onto John Laurie
Boulevard. Take the first right onto Arbour Lake Drive.

Mahogany Lake

Buried deep in the southwest, Mahogany is Calgary’s newest and
largest lake. There’s 63 acres of freshwater. And the 21 acres of beachfront is
more than you’ll find in any other other Calgary community.

The water’s clear, the sand is sandy and the new beach club
opened last year with a whole whack of amenities.


From Stoney Trail SE head south on 52 Street SE. Turn left onto
Mahogany Gate. At the roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Mahogany Boulevard. At
the next roundabout take the 1st exit onto Masters Avenue. Then turn right onto
Masters Point.

Sikome Lake

This is Calgary’s only public beach. So it’s popular—it can see
up to 20,000 swimmers a day on toasty summer weekends! But there’s likely to be
far fewer people this summer; for the first time, they’ve introduced fees to enter.

Day passes range from $2 to $5 per person, with family and
season passes also available. In lieu of your own community lake, this is a
great option.


From Stoney Trail SE take the Sun Valley Boulevard exit northbound.
Take the first right onto Sikome Road and follow the road down the hill. Where
the road forks, keep to the left. Then parking is on the right.


We’ve always been told “bigger is better.” But if you’ve flicked on HGTV lately you’ll have seen a slew of Tiny House Hunter-style shows. (Don’t pretend you’re too cool for HGTV!  We all love it.) Our culture is finally giving us permission to be happy in a smaller home. And there are lots of reasons you should consider downsizing now!   Read More

Calgary’s real estate market could become more attractive to overseas buyers, realtors and experts say, in light of a new 15 per cent foreign buyer tax in B.C. aimed at cooling Vancouver’s overheated housing market. Read More