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Beat the Heat with Calgary’s Pool Properties!

Summer has finally arrived in Calgary! And there’s no better way
to enjoy it than lounging around your backyard pool, BBQ going, beers flowing,
kids splashing and friends chatting. What’s that? You don’t have a
backyard pool? Don’t fear! Here are a handful of Calgary’s pool-blessed homes
up for sale right now. Read More

Do you want to get the best price when you sell your home? Of
course you do! So you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a lot you can do to get the
most from the sale. Here are ten tips to get the most from selling your home: Read More

The Virtuo team had a great time at the Calgary Folk Music Festival.  Thanks to all who stopped by our booth for some Virtuo swag. Check out Mayor Nenshi wearing our awesome Virtuo shades!

Stay tuned as we will be announcing the winners of the 2x 4 Day Tickets to next year’s Calgary Folk Music Festival.

The Calgary Guide to Incredible Ice Cream

Calgary has a wealth of ice cream stores, cafes, food trucks and
drive throughs. Which means there’s no need to settle for mediocre! So we’ve
put together this little guide to Calgary’s best ice cream shops, where you’ll
find nothing but incredible ice cream. (And a cow. You’ll also find a cow….) Read More

Calgary Folk Music Festival

Swing by our booth July 23 & July 24 at Folk Fest to enter to win 2x 4 Day Tickets to Folk Fest 2017, and snag a pair of Virtuo sunnies!   Read More

Until recently, the only way Calgarians could find a deal on a drink was to throw back the beers before evening fell. Liquor laws prohibited drinks specials after 8pm. But no longer! Read More

Mobile app game unofficially downloaded by hundreds of locals who are now hunting the Bow River and Prince’s Island Park. Read More

In the dark ages of dial-up internet, buying your first home was a scary leap into the unknown. It’s still scary today, but the information age is bringing light to the darkness. So for all you first time home buyers, here’s the info you need in our favourite format, 10 top tips.

1.     Get down with the lingo.
When you’re talking to banks, realtors, home inspectors, insurers, lawyers and condo boards, you’ll want to understand the conversation. The CMHC has a handy dictionary.

2.     Make sure you’re pre-approved.
You want to be approved for a mortgage before you start house hunting so that:

  • 1.     You’ll know exactly how much you can afford, and
  • 2.     You’ll have the edge if you find yourself in a bidding war. Sellers like pre-approved buyers.
  • 3.     Not all mortgages are created equal – Talk to one of Virtuo’s Personal Move Concierges to get aligned with the best Mortgage provider that makes sense for you.


3.     You don’t have to spend the whole amount you’re approved for.
Figure out what your monthly payments would be at various price points. Add your current expenses and all the boring home ownership costs (like utility bills, insurance, and property taxes). If what’s left isn’t enough for a lifestyle you’ll enjoy, consider a self-imposed price limit.

4.     Leave space in your budget for extra expenses.
Your personal move concierge will prepare you a moving budget before you spend a penny.  For a rough idea, you can anticipate closing costs to be 3% to 4% of a house’s sale price. This covers lawyers, title searches, property tax adjustments and other miscellaneous costs. You might also need cash for new appliances, utility hook-ups, and oh-so-many Ikea and Home Depot trips.

5.     The best realtor is one who gets you.
Your cousin’s best friend’s real estate agent may have done a great job for her, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right professional for you. You need someone who understands you and the communities you’re interested in. That’s why we use statistical data and personality matching to find the right agent for each of our individual clients.

6.     Be open minded.
We know you have some strong ideas, but try to keep an open mind as you house hunt. The city—and your realtor!—may surprise you.

7.     Think about the future.
Does your future-self hear the pitter-patter of tiny feet? Will the in-laws need a guest room for their far-too-frequent visits?! Look at the future of the local area, too… you don’t want to buy your dream home now, then find out the final leg of Stoney Trail will plough through its back yard next year.

8.     You can do anything, but not everything — David Allen.
Buying a house is a big task, but you don’t have to do it alone. Get in touch with one of our free and friendly Personal Move Concierges and they’ll help you out.  It’s what we do!

9.     Don’t skimp on the home inspection.
Last week Global News revealed that in Vancouver, the estimated number of homes being inspected before purchase has dropped from 75% to just 10%. Risky stuff. Without a home inspection you could be putting yourself in real danger, with potentially tens of thousands of dollars of unexpected expenses.\

10. Organize your documents.

Your mortgage provider will ask for evidence of your income and taxes. Ask for a list of required documents and make time to dig out your T4s, Notice of Assessments, bank statements and anything else they need.

BONUS TIP! Use the Virtuo app to store these documents together in once convenient place.

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