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Buying a new home is full of
hopes and dreams for your family’s future. But as soon as you decide to take
the plunge, all those warm fuzzy feelings get swallowed up by the monstrous
moving task list.

You start delving through the
slew of realtors whose bus bench ads all promise the same… fixing that slow
leak in the bathroom you’ve ignored for 18 months… cleaning a decade’s worth of
accumulated grubbiness… staging the house… clearing out for viewing after
viewing after viewing…. And that’s before you’ve even got the deal!

Then there’s packing (and finding
you have ten times more stuff than you realized), moving, drying tears from
little ones leaving their friends, unpacking, and decision fatigue from
deciding on new homes for your belongings—all while trying to work and manage a

But you know what’s really frustrating?

This could all be so much

The internet’s been with us for
decades now. Almost every aspect of our lives is easier for it. Yet selling,
buying and moving house has barely evolved.

In ten years we’ll all be
scooting around on hoverboards, watching hologram TVs and using The Force to order
Chinese (which is clearly the best use of The Force). Meanwhile, the real
estate industry will just be discovering fire.

At least that’s where it was
headed before Virtuo opened its doors. We’re the new kids on the block! Except
it’s a whole new block in the city of Calgary’s real estate. And we’re not quite
kids anymore; Co-Founders Casey and Nate have a combined 30 years of experience
helping some of Alberta’s largest companies move employees with ease.

That’s what inspired Virtuo. All
those years helping top businesses woo new employees with super-smooth
relocation experiences created a hankering to offer that same comfort to the
general public. It fostered a determination to create a new age in real estate.
A customer-centric age that disrupts the traditional, pain-in-the-whatsit model
for moving that everyday folks endure.

So… what exactly is Virtuo?

Virtuo is a personal assistant
service for people buying and selling a home in Calgary. A genie-in-an-app that
grants real estate wishes! But even better, because the genie comes with a
personal move concierge: a real life person making the magic happen. You can
read the ins and outs of what we do—and how it’ll make your life better— here.

But what we really are is the
culmination of what we hold dear. Virtuo is a group of passionate people;
walking, talking humans with values that guide our hearts. Those values define
us as a team and a business. They’re what will guide us as we venture into
smart, convenient, modern moving solutions.

We’re sharing these values and guiding
principals here so you’ll know us a little better. And we look forward to
getting to know you!

Shoot us a message if you have any questions or simply want to say hi. We’re a friendly
bunch and we’d love to hear from you.

Casey, Nate and the Virtuo team.

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