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    The Calgary Guide to Incredible Ice Cream

    July 21, 2016

The Calgary Guide to Incredible Ice Cream

Calgary has a wealth of ice cream stores, cafes, food trucks and
drive throughs. Which means there’s no need to settle for mediocre! So we’ve
put together this little guide to Calgary’s best ice cream shops, where you’ll
find nothing but incredible ice cream. (And a cow. You’ll also find a cow….)

Nice Cream

37 St SW

This is western Canada’s first liquid nitrogen ice cream parlour!
Now, because I know you’re wondering, liquid nitrogen boils at -196°C. So it turns
cream into ice cream pretty darn fast. It’s not quite as crazy as Vader
freezing Han Solo. But close.

They also sport some mad toppings including peach penguins and
gummy bears.

Peters Drive In

16 Ave NE

As we all know, Peter’s
is famous for milkshakes. But they also offer soft serve ice cream, sundaes and
banana splits. And, well, if you’re there you may as well grab a burger…!

My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe

34 Ave SW, 49th Ave SW and 10 Avenue SE

In Marda Loop, opposite an area the locals have dubbed ‘Ice Cream
Park,’ sits Calgary classic My Favourite Ice Cream Shoppe. Bring a quarter for
the mechanical horse (if you’re under 4 feet, that is) and enjoy the retro-dive

The ice cream is made in small batches with local ingredients.
And it’s fantastic! They now have two other locations so you can enjoy their
ice-cream city-wide.

Amato Gelato

Kensington Rd NW

Over four generations and 85 years, Italian-born Mario has served
his family gelato recipe to grateful Canadians.

Every day there are 72 flavours to choose from! The classics are
offered alongside fun alternatives like Black Sesame and Pumpkin Pie. Plus
there’s a vegetarian one called Tofulati.

Made By Marcus

17 Ave SW

You can find Made by Marcus’ small batch, locally hand-crafted
ice cream in specialty grocery stores, like Cookbookco., or at Bridgeland
Market. But we recommend a trip to their microcreamery on 17th Ave.

There you’ll find hard ice cream, soft serve, sundaes and coffee.
You can also say hi to Molly the Cow whose head is mounted to the wall. (Don’t
worry—she’s a pretty pink plastic cow. Totally kid-friendly.)


Chinook Mall & Southcentre Mall

Yes, Purdy’s is a chocolatier. But you know what goes really well
with ice cream?

Yup, chocolate. Especially when that chocolate is melted!
They’ll dunk your ice cream bar or sundae right in front of you, then coat it
in your choice of sprinkles or nuts.

Fiasco Gelato

19 St SE

Fiasco Gelato sells pints of their frozen goodness in stores
around Alberta. But for a scoop on a summer’s day, you have two options:

1.     Chase
the food truck all over town, or

2.     Head
to their flagship cafe near Deerfoot and Memorial.

The cafe has a cool mural of Calgary’s cityscape and—the rumours
are true—a chocolate fountain! Hurrah!

As well as serving unbelievably good gelato, they focus on
sustainability and community. (They plan to operate with zero waste by the end
of the year!) We like that.

So as soon as that sun comes out, head on over to one of
Calgary’s best ice cream shops. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


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