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    How to avoid making these Real Estate mistakes

    August 17, 2016

Most people don’t have much experience choosing a Real Estate Agent. You only do it a handful of times in your life. There’s no course to take—as if you had the time—and you don’t really know what you’re looking for. That’s why so many people make mistakes when choosing a Real Estate Agent.

After a combined 30 years of experience in this industry, we’ve seen folks fall to the same mistakes over and again. So here’s a run-down of the most common mistakes people make when choosing a Real Estate Agent, and what we’re doing to help Calgarians avoid them.

Common Mistakes

Believing all Realtors are the same

In this post we talked about why that’s
not true. There’s a bunch of skills that go into the science and art of real
estate. And some agents are simply better at making the magic happen than

Going with your cousin’s Real Estate Agent

Or the realtor your mom and dad used 25 years ago who still
sends the auto-printed Christmas cards. You’re going to make a substantial
purchase. And (no matter what the mirror says), you’re not your mother. You
need a realtor who really gets you.

Choosing the Real Estate Agent that suggests the highest
listing price

Here’s another post where we talk about
how a lower listing price can result in a higher sale price. But it takes an
experienced Realtor to pull this off.

Only interviewing one Realtor

Because of everything we mention above, it’s worth talking to a
few real estate agents to find the right one for you. Does this take time? It
can. Does it have to? No. Keep reading…!

How we’re helping Calgarians avoid these mistakes

Our co-founders, Casey and Nate, were fed up of seeing
people take wild stabs in the dark, trusting substantial sums of money to Realtors they knew nothing about, shrugging their shoulders and hoping for the

They made a decision… It was time to introduce this process to
the powers of the world wide interweb!

The first step was to find the best Real Estate Agents in Calgary.
They limited themselves to the top 10%. They crunched the numbers and read
reviews. They hung out with them. They bonded over beers on 17th Ave.

And then they told them their vision.
The Realtors loved it (as we all do!) and jumped on board.

The second step was to develop a personality matching algorithm.  It would abide by studies like the Platinum Rule. It would prevent personality
clashes. And it would find clients and agents who’d hit it off
immediately—creating perfect partnerships for monumental purchases.

They added everything about these Realtors into this algorithm.
They took into account their skills, their knowledge base, their specialties
and passions. They filtered it all into meaningful statistical data analysis.

And (if we say so ourselves) they nailed it!

They gathered a team around them and we’re now able to suggest
select Real Estate Agents who will match your individual personality and
requirements. The choice is still yours; pick who you like. But you can trust
they’ve all been vetted for their general skills as well as their ability to
help you specifically.

After all Casey and Nate’s effort, we wanted to make our service
available to all Calgarians. So it’s FREE! With no obligation, either. The way
we feed our families is simple and 100% transparent. We receive a small portion
of the Real estate agent’s commission after you’ve sold or bought your house.

So you pay the normal commission, legal fees, and for any moving
services you choose (like home inspections or movers). But you get the
reassurance of finding a Real Estate Agent who will be perfect for you.

You also get an advocate on your side; a Virtuo personal
moving assistant
who does the legwork… getting quotes from movers and
cleaners and so on, booking services, keeping all your providers on schedule
and following up, too.

No more shrugging and hoping for the best. This is moving 2.0!