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    10 Tips to Get the Most from Selling Your Home

    July 27, 2016

Do you want to get the best price when you sell your home? Of
course you do! So you’ll be pleased to hear there’s a lot you can do to get the
most from the sale. Here are ten tips to get the most from selling your home:

1.     Upgrade… but not too much
Anything that would draw a red flag from a home inspector, like a furnace on
its last legs or a roof that leaks like rainstorms at Stampede, is worth
upgrading. So are small fixes like sticky windows. But think twice before doing
major remodels. You might be better off adjusting the listing price instead.

2.    Clean deep

This one is no surprise but it’s here because it’s a non-negotiable. And we
mean clean deeeeeeeep. Use this checklist
so you don’t miss any hidden grossness.

3.     Smell good
If you followed the tip above, you should’ve got rid of any deep-seated smells
in your home. Next plan for a seductive-smelling home for every viewing! But according to research, complex scents like baking or
uber-fancy candles might not work best. Instead go for simple, natural smells
like lemon or vanilla.

4.     Price competitively
This may seem counterintuitive but… pricing your home lower may help you get a
higher sale price. Like a siren call you’ll draw experienced realtors and
educated buyers. And all over Calgary we’ve seen well-priced houses attracting
multiple offers at or above asking price. But getting it right is tricky, so
talk to your Virtuo matched realtor for advice.

5.     Clear the closets
Storage space is a real consideration for buyers. So help snoopers appreciate
the closet and cupboard space you have by removing half—yes, half—of
what’s in there. Every Calgarian has a plethora of bulky winter jackets, toques
and gloves. Put them out of sight and you’ll easily create a wealth of space.

6.     Clear everywhere else

Before you put your house on the market, clear out everything you can live
without for a few months. Do you need all your Star Trek box sets out?
What about the weird ornaments grandma gave you for Christmas? Clear as much as
you can. Be ruthless!

7.     Light it up
Increase the wattage of your light bulbs. Replace any burnt out ones. Cut back
the bushes that block the sunlight. Clean the curtains, dust those grimy shades
and for goodness sake, turn on the lights before a viewing! Light = bright,
cheerful and happy.

8.     Stage like you mean it
A small vase of flowers in the entrance hall. A bowl of brightly coloured fruit
in the kitchen. Carefully-placed throw pillows. All these touches really do
make a difference.

Don’t forget the outside;
smart landscaping and clean outdoor furniture help potential buyers to imagine
themselves enjoy a cold one on your deck.

9.    Hide away fuzzy family members
Yes, your dog/cat/pot-bellied pig (delete as appropriate) is adorable. But
their food bowls, litter trays and straggle of half-decapitated stuffed toys
are not. For viewings, find someone who can pet-sit or take your furry friends
on an outdoor adventure. And before you leave, clean up and stash away your
pets’ belongings.

10.  Listen to your agent
If you’ve got a good agent (and if you’re working with Virtuo,
you do :)) then listen to them. They’re a pro and they’re working for you.
So trust them!

If you’re looking for a Calgary real estate agent you can trust,
get in touch. We’ll hook you up with a Personal
Move Assistant who, along with these tips and a great realtor, will help you
get the most out of selling your home.